James Bray is an award winning UK magician and mentalist that now resides in the most southern province of Spain – Andalucía.
Using money, phones, playing cards and other objects made available James is able to create magic that looks just like it does on TV but this time in YOUR hands. With years of experience performing at a wide range of different events and his unique style and approach to magic James is the magician of choice for many event organisers both in Spain and the UK




From a young age James has always been interested in human behaviour; running closely by its side has been his fascination with magic.
Years of studying and perfecting sleight of hand, illusions, misdirection and influence have helped him to create a performing style that allows him to connect with his audience, bringing a modern, dynamic feel to magic. Being well aware of what his audience perceives as reality his aim is to blur the lines between what is real and what is impossible!

James has provided entertainment to his growing list of clients at various different events around Europe

Available for a wide range of different bookings contact James to find out what he can do for you at your special event.


what is Mentalism?

Mentalism is magic of the mind, the ability to use body language, psychology and influence to encourage, persuade and sometimes manipulate what would normally be considered a free choice.
Often dubbed as ‘real magic’ if the mentalist is able to manipulate the subject effectively enough the outcomes can be beyond impossible. Through recent years with the help of TV mentalists like Derren Brown it has grown in popularity and although it’s manipulation is still considered controversial it now also considered a form of entertainment.

Using everyday objects like phones, books, business card or even scraps of paper a mentalist is able create outcomes so impossible that often the audience will wonder if it is really manipulations or indeed real magic.

James has spent years perfecting the art of mentalism. Enquire for more information on what he can do at your event.


An experience of

Hypnosis is a mental state in which one is able to bypass the conscious mind and speak directly with the subconscious. Our minds often place many restrictions and barriers often in places where they are not required. Using hypnosis effectively allows us to remove these restrictions and create a reality where anything is possible.
Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful phenomena and by many is still not fully understood. It allows the subject to experience emotions, sensation and often hallucinations of things that have simply been fabricated in the mind. In society hypnosis is commonly know to help individuals give up smoking, loose weight and even eliminate fear and anxiety however this is only the beginning .

If hypnosis is used in conjunction with other ‘mind hacking’ techniques it can produce some instant life changing effects. James uses hypnosis for both ‘change work’ and also as combines it with his magic as a form of entertainment.

Please note: James believes strongly in the empowerment of the subject after their experience of hypnosis therefore does not perform any stage comedy.

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